Gone Offshore

In March 2008 writer John Barlow travels to the Bahamas in search of Headless Ltd. During a 10 day trip he writes a travel journal about his findings and/or lack of findings. Beyond the specific search for Headless Ltd, John Barlow’s travel to the Bahamas can be understood as a physical encounter with the fictitious space of the offshore jurisdiction. Upon his return a series of conversations are staged with John Barlow being interviewed about his findings in the Bahamas.

Gone Offshore takes the form of a staged discussion in a set designed by Anna Heymowska and accompanied by a travel journal publication. The first staging took place in the exhibition Data Recovery, GAMeC, Bergamo (2008) for which Barlow was interviewed by exhibition curator Övül Durmusoglu.

Further material:

  • John Barlow’s travel blog
  • ”Gone Offshore: John Barlow in conversation with Övül Durmusoglu” (excerpt):